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> Same thing happened to me - well, almost.
> I'm doing the same thing (I actually have an install working with two
> install CD's) - but when I was getting pretty close to testing things,
> my hard drive died on me.
> I was able to mount the drive and get some of my spec files off of it -
> but I had to do a lot over.

I too have some spec files left, but the important one (rpm static) was

> Luckily I had a tarball of /static (LFS 4.1) saved so I was able to get
> lfs up and running again faster. I did things smarter this time, though.
> I had an old iMac with a bad monitor sitting in my shed. I put YDL 3.0
> on it and turned it into a CVS server for my lan - and all my specs (and
> sources, and script to create my installation cd) are backed up via CVS
> on that iMac. How I wish I had done that before!
> I also have been weekly burning CD's with my src.rpm's just to have yet
> another backup.

Hmmm. I also have an old computer (p133). Ill have to start thinking about
the wife's objections.

> Another thing I am working on (just started) is an automated build of
> LFS from start to installation of rpm. It (when finished) will only
> require that /mnt/lfs be defined in /etc/fstab of the host system and
> that it not be mounted when the script is started (the script checks for
> both of those)

Thats what I had almost finished. I could start with an empty partition, run
the start script and end up with a bootable LFS done entirely in rpm.
Including the static part (LFS4.1 Chap 5).

If you're interested I can send what spec files and scripts I have left.
Shane Shields

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