Firewall tricks.

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Thu Oct 9 11:29:33 PDT 2003

Rob Park wrote:
> Ricardo Barberis wrote:
>> I'm glad you solved it, but...
>> Just curious, when iptables asked you for an UID, did you try to give 
>> it an  actual UID? I mean a number, not an user name?
> Yeah, UIDs and usernames seem to be totally interchangeable here.
> # iptables -A INPUT -m owner --uid-owner rbpark
> iptables: Invalid argument
> # iptables -A INPUT -m owner --uid-owner 500
> iptables: Invalid argument
> # iptables -A INPUT -m owner --uid-owner rbpark124235asdf
> iptables v1.2.7a: Bad OWNER UID value `rbpark124235asdf'
> Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
> # iptables -A INPUT -m owner --uid-owner 500213245
> iptables: Invalid argument
> Uh, yeah. The patch maintainer just said that the socketowner patch 
> hasn't actually been applied, and he seems kind of confused as to why 
> i'm not just using grsecurity (like it's a no-brainer or something).
> The reason I'm not trying grsecurity is that a) I've never tried it 
> before and b) the website is short on details, so I really have no idea 
> what grsecurity _is_.
I realy don't know if this is relavent or if it would work but.......

could you not use some sort of script so that when bittolerent starts, 
iptables starts with iptables-bittol.conf and set that to accept. Then 
when it stops re-do iptables to use iptables-nobt.conf and re-load. I am 
kinda thinking like the ip-up and down scripts.

If this it way off, sorry, I am not exactly sure how this would/could 
work but it was just a thought.

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