American vs British English foolishness (OT)

Don Smith dss-lfs at
Mon Oct 6 19:59:39 PDT 2003

Shane Shields wrote:

> "Richard A Downing FBCS" <geek109 at> wrote in message
> news:20031006084015.785a8db4.geek109 at
>>On another point:  Is the spelling 'your' for 'you are' accepted
>>in modern American?  It really grates with me.  I expect
>>'you're' in this context, and use 'your' as the possessive
>>personal pronoun, e.g.: 'Your book'.  I'm not nit-picking, just
>>trying to understand.
> It should be "you are" or "you're" but I'm just being lazy and not putting
> in the apostrophies or even making sure the spelling is correct. Just for
> the record as I am Australian I use English grammer and spelling but I find
> that when programming American spelling is used. I believe this is due to
> most IDE's (note apostrophie :)) being programmed in America.

No, it's not accepted usage though it certainly appears to be getting 
that way.

Now that just anyone can put things on the web and lexicographers have 
such a large sample of common usages, I wonder if these misspellings 
will get into dictionaries?

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