I am now an official linux guru

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Sun Oct 5 15:25:52 PDT 2003

2003-10-05T18:11:34 The Dark Lord:
> >Well I am now an official linux guru. I have just finished my rpm based 
> >lfs and was just about to do the final test install when I rm -rfsck'ed my 
> >entire source directory. Four months of pain sweat and typers cramp down 
> >the drain.
> A little pain never hurt anyone....

Sure it did, I still remember when I did that to myself.

Shane, if it's any consolation, I discovered that I could
reconstruct the months of work in a couple of days; most of the
investment in time was actually in learning, and re-doing the same
thing ended up significantly cleaner, since I knew where I was going
when I started.

There is an upside. The cleaner outcome is nice gravy, but the real
satisfaction comes when the exercise teaches you that what you got
for those months of work is expertise, that you won't lose even when
your backups aren't.

Plus you want to do some strategic backups:-).

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