Anybody know anything about RSS feeds? (solved :)

Rob Park rbpark at
Wed Jul 30 11:45:05 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> The site is indeed hand-coded, allthough it must be easy enough for 
> someone with decent scripting abilities to generate the RSS from the 
> current design - it's very consistent. Why don't you have a look at it? 
> (hint hint! :))

Hmm, ok. I'm not sure if I'll have much time in the immediate future, 
but I'll try to whip up a quick LFS->RSS parser in Perl or something :)

> I've even written an initial feed for LFS with the help of 
> It's at

That's just 404'ing for me. Spell something wrong?

> There's an extension which lets you click mailto: links in Fb, but it 
> only seems to work if Tb isn't running yet!

That seems to be a bug in Tb; From what I can tell, Fb and Tb are both 
suffering from what I called the 'profiles' bug from the days of the 
Mozilla all-in-one suite. Mozilla, Firebird, and Thunderbird all check 
to see if they're already running when you start them, and if they are, 
they ask you to choose a different profile to open it with. This 
behaviour is rather brain damaged as far as I can tell, because it means 
that any applications that want to open a browser/mail windows for you 
can't do it if one is already open, forcing you to copy/paste the data 
from one app to the other.

It's not really a bug, though, the concept of 'profiles' is a supported 
feature. I'm just rather hoping that they get their act together and get 
rid of profiles so that you can open a browser window even if one is 
already open...

>> I think what thunderbird and firebird need most is a set of matching 
>> themes. Right now I'm using the 'breeze' theme for Firebird (it's 
>> sleek, and it's the only one that the RSS feed extension seems to look 
>> good in), but there is no matching one for thunderbird. I'm using the 
>> default thunderbird theme, which is a tad ugly IMHO, but it's not 
>> terrible.
> I like the Qute theme, just wish it was finished for Tb! (I hate the 
> Classic icons for the mailboxes)

Where can I get it from? I'm looking at (the place that 
Firebird sends you when you click 'install new themes' in the config), 
and I don't see it.

Thanks :)

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