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Justin Knierim lfs at
Sat Jul 5 09:50:13 PDT 2003

Im Auftrag von Jim Gifford (Samstag, 5. Juli 2003 10:47):
> Can anyone explain this one to me.
> I have an SMP kernel which locks up every 12 to 20 hours 
> depending on load. Utilizing ext3 on a hardware raid 
> controller. If I do heavy disk utilitzation, it will crash sooner.
> The temporary fix is to run sync every hour. I haven't had 
> much luck trying to figure this one out. I was hoping Greg, 
> Ian, Ryan, and Gerard have some ideas why.


I am not too much help, but tell you what I know.  ;)

I have a High Point IDE Raid controller, with 2x 40GB maxtor 5400rpm
ATA100 drives attached in a mirror array.  They are formatted with the
entire space running ext3.  I have never had a problem with them.  I am
sure this card is not a hardware raid though, so sorry!  But at least in
my experience, ext3 has no problems on this setup.  The PC is a 133Mhz
Pentium1 with 196MB memory.  So, it is not a SMP kernel.

What do you have for a hardware raid controller?  Maybe this might be of
some help.

So, maybe not much help, but just my 0.02€.

  Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

  Justin Knierim
  lfs at jrknierim dot de

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