ARM Business ideas

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Feb 28 20:52:33 PST 2003

Ian Molton [spyro at] wrote:
> tphhec01 at (Csaba Henk) wrote:
>> then, I think, you can safely plug off the
>> fan of the power supply.
> You would almost CERTAINLY shorten the life of the PSU.

Roger that, hehe, not to mention rouge capaciter discharge wilst
plugging off the fan  *g*.  Better off for the user to buy a nice power
supply such as one in the "true power" line from Antec featuring among
other things a fan that varies speed depending on temperature.  Hmm, one
would even get stable output voltages and plenty of reserve capacity.
*sigh* everyone wants a cheap piece of junk that dies in a year  :/




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