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R. Bosch at
Fri Feb 28 13:12:17 PST 2003

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003 12:32:17 +0000  Mister Ian just wrote the following:

> I'll let you know when I get my dev board.

Reading the thread... I wonder if such (or other) board is capable of
(soft)RAID... The thought of low-noise HD's (2/4x) with 100/1000Mb Eth.
is atractive.... I combo with hdparm... Yes, low respons is the result,
but the (power)savings are worth it (IMO) for home-use...

I see it all... A small A5-sized board with soft-Raid and for discs with
100GB each... In a small case with one quiet fan... Drooool....
One NFS-server... maybe with wireless (secured)... sentral storage
independant of achitecture. Ext3 is Ext3... Nice if I say so myself...

At the moment I have to use a noisy PC.... Anyone know of a good quiet
cooler for a AMD 2700+ @2166MHz?



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