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Peter B. Steiger wypbs001 at
Thu Feb 27 22:44:20 PST 2003

on 27 Feb 2003, Darryl Cousins sez:
{with regards to Bill Gates as PT Barnum} 
> Circus vs Industry.  :o)

Remember, Barnum's fame wasn't in his circuses... circuses are (and were) a 
dime a dozen.  What makes the Barnum name a legend was in his mastery of 
hype.  He brought cheap entertainment to the masses at a price they could 
afford - never mind if it was junk food for the brain; he made it sound 
like they couldn't live another moment without seeing whatever attraction 
he was trying to promote at the time.  He did it all by openly lying about 
what he was selling - and people still bought into it, even when he 
admitted outright that he was selling a "genuine fake".

Does that sound familiar?  How about phrases like "There's a sucker born 
every minute"?  I'm telling you, Gates *is* Barnum.

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY
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