Florian Teply onlinefloh at
Thu Feb 27 13:25:31 PST 2003

Florian Teply wrote:
> kate23 at wrote:
>>> Let´s start world revolution over X86-architecture, Macs are far better
>>> computers than this crappy
>>> "i-need-my-A20-gate-to-overcome-this-stupid-640KB-memory-limit" Intel 
>>> stuff!
>>> Yeah! We all start using Macs! BTW: i just bought a whole bunch of 
>>> old but good Macintoshes tonight ...
>> agree, apples are much better than intel.
>> how many did you get? model ?
>> prize?
> i got: 1x Performa 475, 2x IIci, 1x Quadra 650, 1x SE, 3x 19"-Monitor, 
> 1x 15"-Monitor and 1x 12" Monitor for 50 Euros together, and i just 
> ordered a Performa 400 inkl. Monitor for just 1 Euro last week...
UPDATE: The Performa 400 i got for FREE (and this by buying at eBay,
the seller just regrets to take this one Euro...)
in first pack, i also get another IIci for FREE
seems to get better and better every Day, there are also some LC 475, 
Performa 475, 400 etc. which seem to be sold to me at also about one Euro...
> Florian
>> benjamin

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