ARM Business ideas

Jochen Schröder jschrod at
Thu Feb 27 11:17:44 PST 2003

Hey Ian, and everybody else as well ;-)
all this talk about the ARM laptops made me think about other uses or 
low power computers. Have you thought about cable 
modem/routers/firewalls, file-/print-/mail-servers. At the moment a lot 
of people I know use old pcs for this, but they are *noisy*, so a no fan 
solution, would be great, especially if it's based on linux :-). Another 
big application would be a living room media center. if you can do dvd 
and mp3 without any fans, I think that would be a huge business 
opportunity. So far nobody has really come up with a good concept AFAIK. 
A german computer magazine (c't) had an article about how to make one, 
but they had to go through all kind off hoops to reduce the noise IIRC.
[X] Nail here for new monitor

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