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torsten <torsten at> wrote:

> About that HDD.
> How about 4 flash cards with ide/cflash adapters.  Then I
> could have 2GB storage (covers all my needs).  This would be
> mostly read-only.

nothing stopping you putting a slimline IDE->CF adapter in the 2.5"

there may well be two PCMCIA slots, as well, or, instead, a 6-in-one
card slot.

> With plenty of RAM (2-4GB) I wouldn't really need a hard disk.

ARMs have a 32 bit address space and DONT have a seperate IO space. the
practical maximum physical RAM will be limited by what peripherals are

PXA250 has (IIRC) a 256MB max RAM and IOP321 has 1GB max.

> For writeable info, use a RAM disk.  Protect the RAM disk from
> overwriting after a reboot, and as long as the machine has power,
> it maintains the RAM disk.

its a possibility. it will depend on a number of factors, not least of
which is wether the CPUs memory controller would support such a mode.
(some XScales do, probably other ARMs.)

> Important data can be written to flash, any RAM disk info
> needed for long-term storage can be archived to an external
> Hard disk.
> Now, computer sans movable components.

Indeed. there will be industrial variants of my design with just that
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