Quake3 - CTF maps

Miguel Bazdresch miguel at thewizardstower.org
Thu Feb 27 05:09:39 PST 2003

Knights of the Order of the Quake:

As requested I looked for and tried a couple of CTF maps:

Just bring it: 
  - not too large, preferably at least 6 players
  - space (you can fall)
  - venom pools (you can fall)
  - two fortresses floating in space, you have to use jumpers (or
    whatever they're called) to jump from one to the other.
  - I liked it
  - find it at: http://infosprite.com/   look for CTF maps, it's the
    first on the list.

On the rim:
  - a large room with a few platforms
  - should be playable with 6 or more
  - simple, but may worth a try
  - find it at: http://www.maladon.com/%7Elaketrout/map3.html

How to find other maps: go to


Select CTF as type and posted Before end Feb 2003. The good thing about
this search engine is that it lists size, rating, and has some comments
on each map.

Miguel Bazdresch
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