just a question about what happens to the source files when you compile them

Florian Teply onlinefloh at web.de
Thu Feb 27 01:30:04 PST 2003

Matthijs wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I was just wondering what happens to the source files
> when you compile them, why do they get that big (as in
> harddisk space)? For instance, after the compilation
> of Xfree68 the source in the /usr/src/xc directory is
> much larger as it was before you compiled it. But
> after the compilation you can erase all that stuff
> (right?). Thats why I would like to know why the
> source gets that big, probably not to just get wiped
> out after compilation. This also goes for the kernel
> sources and for every other program as well, altough
> the source of Xfree68 really got very large...
> Hopefully somebody knows around here, I could not find
> it on google...
Obviously i´m not a pro in this art, but if i remember correctly, 
executing the Makefiles produces a kind of snapshot of the current 
system. Along with probably some binaries, this could possibly grow large...
People out there, correct me if i´m wrong...

Grets Florian

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