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Rui Ferreira <ruifmferreira at> wrote:

> Ian Molton wrote:
> > richard at (Richard Lightman) wrote:
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> (sniping all Q-A)
>  - Water-proof - to be able to carry it around without a bag without
>  being afraid of rain;

certainly, we wont need ventilation holes in the case. Full
waterproofing simply WONT be cost effective. theres too many ports, and
the hinge would need a total redesign (which categorically CANNOT

>  to NOT be a big deal to drop it in the snow

Where an X86 may melt snow, dropping an arm in a puddle is likely to
freeze the puddle.

Ok, joking aside - I'd be more worried about the LCD in extreme cold
than dropping it (it wont get warm).

>  (doesn't matter much to me, but just another e.g.); to use it
>  careless in the beach without being afraid of the moisture or sand
>  damaging it;

Well, no CDROM in this case means no real dander to mechanical

I think its still going to need relatively careful treatment in the
sand, though.

> and MOST OF ALL, not suffering from heart attack when
>  our glass of beer accidentaly turns over the keyboard!

The keyboard is a membrane type (real keys, membrane switches, like most
modern desktop types). beer WILL kill it. however, its easy to replace.

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