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Ian Molton spyro at
Wed Feb 26 13:56:08 PST 2003

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 21:46:11 +0000 (UTC)
richard at (Richard Lightman) wrote:

> * Ian Molton <spyro at> [2003-02-26 20:48]:
> > 
> > Well, assuming we are stuck with this case (which wouldnt be so bad
> > in anycase), this is a likely spec:
> > 
> > *A5 size case
> > *800x600 TFT touchscreen
> I like lots of resolution. Other features would have to be outstanding
> before I consider dropping below 1024x768.

Yes. unless we can find a bigger case, thats going to be a killer for
some people, sadly. There may be room for both products though... and
releasing the smaller may pave the way to gaining a favour from a

> I am not convinced about a touch screen. If I could use some sort of
> stylus so I do not cover the screen in dirty finger marks, then
> perhaps.

There is a stylus, yes. its actually a very comfortable input method -
far nicer than touchpads...

> > *600MHz ARM10 with FP math
> Got any benchmarks for compiling?

No. however, a reasonable extrapolation should be possible once I get my
ARM9 devkit.

its easier to extrapolate on an ARM than X86. even across families.

> > *Audio (5.1 codec, w/ digital out)
> > 
> Over the top - I am not going to carry 6 speakers around.

no, but you may plug it into a TV and digital hifi.

the point is that its on the chip, so we may as well break out the
> Conclusion - the CPU + onboard peripherals are interesting, but the
> box is too limiting for my taste.

video too small?
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