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Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Feb 26 13:33:49 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:
> The case in question is a *lovely* die cast metal, with a 12" LCD panel,
> and touchscreen. touchpad is optional.
> there is BAGS of room for IO, and the whole thing is about the size of a
> sheet of A4 paper, and about 3/4in thick.

Sounds nice and _duarable_ :)  I for one am not bothered by a little 
extra weight.  A good heft is indicative of quality.

> *800x600 TFT touchscreen

a touchscreen makes the deal that much sweeter, esp. in a small package 
like this.  800x600 is definatly a minimum (barely) usable area but in a 
  small package like this, more than adequate.

> *6 USB ports (maybe). 2 for sure. would people sacrifice parallel port
> for 4xUSB?

that's a tough call.  A lot of printers out there aren't usb now 
sacrafice the parallel for 2 more usb and one or two firewire and you've 
got a convert :)

> *kernel (and maybe root FS) in user upgradeable FLASH.

I saw this...:

...and ask, would it be possible to have this flash in the form of a 
compact flash socket (maybe chained off an available floppy interface) 
instead of DOC style?  I guess maybe the interface is different then 
that of a dedicated chip, but it would be so cheap to upgrade and tons 
of room =)




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