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Peter B. Steiger wypbs001 at
Wed Feb 26 13:11:44 PST 2003

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on 25 Feb 2003, Andrew Davis sez:
> WHAT??? You escaped the clutches of Linux geeks worldwide without so 
> much as an RT*M??? What's the world coming to? Well, I don't much 
> appreciate the f*** part of the RT*M acronym, so allow me to let you 
> depart with a resounding RTM!!! :)

That's such an inevitable response (not so much here, but in the Outside 
World) that I don't even notice RT*M responses any more.  My favorite is 
the "I don't have an answer, but I felt compelled to answer anyway" post, 
   Maybe if u search Google [often misspelled] u can find an answer

or, as a followup to a question posted on comp.os.fubar:
   I don't know, but if u post to comp.os.fubar somebody can tell u

Then there are those who apparently don't read the question before giving 
helpful advice:
  I got the new SonicBoom 2000 stereo amplifier / surgical laser yesterday 
and plugged the left hemidemisemiquaver dongle into the auxiliary access 
hatch just like the instructions say on page 237 paragraph 19, but when I 
tried to remove my sister's wart it took off her whole arm.  What did I do 
wrong to mess up the sensitivity like that?

  Dude I had a problem like that with my Mattel Close'n'Play and I had to 
call tech support to get a answer they said u have to plug it in and push 
the button that says ON try that I hope it helpz l8r!!!!!!

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY
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