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Justin Knierim jrknierim at
Wed Feb 26 13:13:06 PST 2003

Im Auftrag von Ian Molton
> The case in question is a *lovely* die cast metal, with a 12" 
> LCD panel, and touchscreen. touchpad is optional.

Nice sturdy metal.  :)  Touchscreen is also a nice touch!  ;)

> there is BAGS of room for IO, and the whole thing is about 
> the size of a
> sheet of A4 paper, and about 3/4in thick.

Not too thick at all.  Sounds like it must be a pretty nice case.  Are
there any pictures online maybe??  ;)

> The bad news is that the best screen we can get in it before prices
> skyrocket is 800x600 (although its a GOOD TFT and has a touchscreen).

Hmm, I have not used 800x600 in a long time.  How much would it
skyrocket for 1024x768?  

> I have put myself down to get an ARM9 development board, anyway (at my
> own expense) and will use this to begin the design of some of the
> software. Im going to focus on getting a toolchain working and
> optimising key libraries (libz, libpng, libjpeg, other X 
> stuff) for ARM.
> This can all be done on the ARM 9 which shares most of the ARM10
> architecture.

That is very nice of you.  Hope that the development goes well.  Wish I
could help, but I am sure I couldn't!  ;)
> *A5 size case
> *800x600 TFT touchscreen
> *VGA out
> *S-video out
> *dual head on any two heads.
> *6 USB ports (maybe). 2 for sure. would people sacrifice parallel port
> for 4xUSB?

Hmm, I guess it would not be a problem.  BTW, are they USB 2.0 or 1.1?

> *600MHz ARM10 with FP math
> *DSP for DCT / media playback Accel.
> *user upgradeable Memory (maybe SDR, maybe DDR, in practice for a
> laptop, SDR may be better).
> *40GB HDD
> *15 - 24Hr battery life in use
> *2-3 **WEEKS** standby time
> *kernel (and maybe root FS) in user upgradeable FLASH.
> *bluetooth (maybe)
> *IrDA
> *Audio (5.1 codec, w/ digital out)
> Whaddaya think?

Still sounding pretty sweet with these specs, the screen being the only
downside I see.

  Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

  Justin Knierim

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