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On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:28:11 +0000 (UTC)
richard at (Richard Lightman) wrote:

> *: Requirement
> +: Wanted - I will pay extra for.
> -: Cool idea, but I probably would not pay for it.
> Overall:
> *100) The keyboard is a separate box from the monitor.

Perhaps. not likely tho.

> *101) Minimize number of cables between me (keyboard, mouse,
>       headphones, microphone), and the the other boxes (CPU
>       power supply, montior, DVD/CDRW) preferably with IDRA,
>       or failing that with USB.

bluetooth, potentially.

> *102) Strategy to prevent or recover from erasing the wrong
>       bit of flash.

Wont catch me designing something that could do something that stupid...

> *103) No fans.

Its an ARM.

> +104) Survives being dropped.

Well, thats easier without the X86 with 105 tonnes of heatsink...

> -105) Make a cluster by adding (CPU+memory) mini-PCI cards.


> CPU:
> *150) Compile native kernel <10 minutes.

Not bloody likely.

> *151) Cross compile x86 kernel <10 minutes.


> *152) DVD playback <80% CPU utilisation.


> +153) Compile native kernel <5 minutes.

You must be kidding...

> -153) Compile native kernel <2 minutes.

fat chance.

> Battery:
> *200) >3 hours of compiling


> *201) >3 hours of DVD playback


> *202) Maximum discharge rate high enough to handle some USB devices.


> *203) Discharged to 80% charged: <12 hours.


> +204) Can be exchanged without a screwdriver.

most likely.

> -205) Can be exchanged without a reboot.


> -206) Can be exchanged without a reboot while not plugged in.

SLIGHT possibility.

Bear in mind that its possible that, since we're using an ARM, it could
run for *weeks* in standby mode, hence removing the need for actually
turning it off...

> Memory:
> *250) 128MB


> +251) 256MB


> -253) 512MB


> LCD:
> *300) >=1024x768

See other post.

> *301) >=15" diagonal, or like a pair of glasses.

perhaps in the future.

> Hard disc:
> *350) >=10GB

hard to do less nowadays...

> Ethernet:
> *400) 10/100Mb/s

yes, but no gigabit in the first models.

> *401) Can remove the ethernet cable without unplugging a PCMCIA card.

ethernet onboard.

> *402) No adapter cable required.

see above.

> -403) 1000Mb/s

later models.

> *404) Plenty of USB connectors.

minimum 2, maybe 4 or 6.

> Audio:
> *450) Does not emit a high pitched whine.


> *451) Good quality speakers, or none (external).

no such thing in small size. if you want quality use the
line/headphone/digital out.

> Keyboard:
> *500) Putting the keyboard on my lap does not block vital cooling
>       vents.

wont need any such vents.

> Mouse:
> *550) >=3 buttons

there will most likely be a touchpad or touchscreen. use a USB external
if you wish.

> *551) Does not require a clean flat surface.

its a laptop. :-)

> With any luck, using a mass produced monitor will save money compared
> to buying a small number of flat pannels. Making the keyboard, mouse,
> DVD/CDRW, speakers, and microphone externel will give you much more
> freedom when selecting the box, and will probably end up as extra
> choice/features for very little extra cost.

Its an interesting idea.

> I would be prepared to pay up to 700 UK pounds+VAT for a box with:
>   CPU, memory, video, ethernet, audio, (USB2 or USB+firewire)
>   battery, hard disc, and the glue to make them work together

Its likely to be at least that.

> To use the box, I would expect to add:
>   monitor, keyboard, mouse, mains adapter, DVD/CDRW, headphones.

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