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Wed Feb 26 09:15:09 PST 2003

Am Mit, 2003-02-26 um 01.43 schrieb R. Quenett:
> mutilated misquotes 
> from Ian Molton's 25 Feb 2003 classic prose
> may follow:
> " On Tue, 25 Feb 2003 18:54:03 +0000 (UTC)
> " qcal at ("R. Quenett") wrote:
> " 
> " > Obvious, my dear watson.  Among other things, you are assuming that 
> " > the tax is being collected and will be used for the purpose stated.  
> " 
> " Not MY fault if its not being used as its meant to be. I still have to
> " pay it.
> Not MY fault if it's not YOUR fault<g>...  Getting held up in the 
> alley behind the shop STILL doesn't, by itself, give you the -moral- 
> right to take merchandise out the door.
> " > It's a similar flaw to say that because one pays tax on gasoline 
> " > (petrol, whatever;) that one is paying for the roads and is therefore 
> " > morally entitled to use them.
> " 
> " One isnt? since when?
> Nope.  Not _for_that_reason_.  Since forever.
> " > Actually, there may well be other flaws as well.  Among them, it's 
> " > the _artist_ who produces the work, not the industry.  From what I've 
> " > read, the mechanism for the getting the 'tax' to the artist is more 
> " > than a little flawed, never mind that the artist might not have 
> " > wanted that price and terms be dictated to both buyer and seller by 
> " > some (self-styled watchdog) third party.
> " 
> " Again, not my fault. The simple fact is that I pay the tax. I dont CARE
> " what happens to it after I pay it, and if the industry is too stupid to
> " sort it out thats not MY fault.
> Again, not my fault that it's not your fault...<g>.  Being robbed, by 
> itself, confers no moral right whatsoever on you, except the right to 
> reclaim your property.  And of course to defend yourself from the act 
> in the first place.  <whisper>smuggle untaxed cd's, or even make your 
> own;-)/<whisper>. If someone steals your fridge, you have the moral right
> to snatch it back.  You do not have the moral right to go to the shop or the 
> factory and snatch any fridge at all off the floor simply because you 
> once had one of those and didn't give it up voluntarily.  
> " The artist sees fsck all money if I buy it 'legally' anyway.
> Ahh:-), but then there is, or ought to be, a legitimate -voluntary- 
> (<-one of the preceding two words is redundant) contractual chain 
> from origin to present location of product.  And s/he might get some 
> of the cash, if you bought it direct, as you ought to do.  Besides, 
> that you get shafted might legitimately upset you; it doesn't, by 
> itself, give you the moral right to shaft someone else.
> R

There is a huge difference, between stealing material property and
"intellectual" property, if there is such a thing. Your argument is
lacking, if I steal a fridge it is gone, if I copy music it is not gone,
so it would actually be like cloning your fridge not like taking it, you
wouldn't even notice if nobody told you. Also I would not necessarily
bought one if I had to copy for it. I used to tape music from the radio
when I was little, was I stealing? I copy music from time to time, if I
like it I buy the album, if I just like one song, I just keep the song.
There's several statistics, saying that people who copy music or movies 
actually buy more CDs, and go to the cinema more often. The reason why the music industry is doing so bad is not because of people copying, but because they just make more and more trash.

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