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Wed Feb 26 02:18:48 PST 2003

Ian Molton <spyro at> writes:

> Hi.
> please excuse posting this to .support as well, and please followup to
> I am trying to guage interest in a hypothetical laptop.
> The specs would be (something like) ARM9/10/11 or XScale, clocked
> between 400MHz and 1.2GHz. there would be a decent (15-17", 1024x768
> min) TFT LCD screen, and it would take commodity PC laptop accessories,
> eg. RAM, HDD.
> Battery life would be expected to be approximately 20 hours.
> SO...
> anyone who would be interested, please speak up, but BE SPECIFIC.
> If you are interested 'just because thats cool', then say so.
> If you would actually BUY one, say so and give an indication of what you
> would *REALISTICALLY* be able to pay for one (bear in mind it would be a
> SMALL production run compared to a M$ X86 laptop.
> If you know a whole hoard of people just gagging for one, let me know
> right away...

I think it sounds very cool. Unfortunately, I am a poor student right
now, so I wouldn't be able to afford one. If I hade the oney though, I
would definitely be interested. Apart from the specs all the others
are asking qusetions about, I would be interested to know the
dimension and weight of it. I don't know much about laptops, but the
battery life sounds like it is extremely good, and IMO that is a big
advantage in a laptop.


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