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Wed Feb 26 02:00:53 PST 2003

qcal at ("R. Quenett") writes:

> mutilated misquotes 
> from Björn Lindberg's 25 Feb 2003 classic prose
> may follow:
> " Well, the artist is responsible for signing the contract with the
> " record company. The artist is hardly in a position to complain,
> That artist; yes, depending on the contract.
> " especially not today when there are other distribution channels
> " available.
> Quite a few (well, I know of at least two:) use those channels.  I 
> recently downloaded some good guitar music directly from an artist's 
> web site (  We chatted about me doing 
> that (in the middle of a few other things) and he told me he was very 
> glad that I had because, he said, people like me were the only real 
> chance artists like him had a chance of getting their music listened 
> to, or words along those lines.
> It's not possible legally, afaik, for me to get a special exemption 
> from the CD tax in order to record his music, which he did the 
> compliment to me of giving to me for free.  Ian Molton's (and 
> others') complaints about everyone being all rolled up into the same 
> ball of wax (well, it -was- wax at one time; it's styrene or 
> something now and was vinyl at one time) aren't entirely without all 
> merit;-).

I agree, it is outrageous. We have such a CD-tax in Sweden
too. Apparently the government thinks we are all criminals. My comment
above was just made to point out that the artist is responsible for
contracts he/she chooses to sign, as are we all.


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