Rainer Peter Feller rainer at
Wed Feb 26 01:27:10 PST 2003

Computer security is not possible!
They have to redesign it over and over again!
There would be many forums about how to break their security concepts.
A PC would run MY code, even if I have to force it |;}
It will just not run M$-Software again :-)

The concept is that if you compile on your system the software you compile
will either signed for your system or for every system, to run it you have
to allow it to run.

CD-Taxes is robbery!
I by a lot of CDs ( most of them are RW) I put my linux on them, or music
I have paid for for my own use and to save the CDs.

So either you have to pay CD-taxes and are alowed to copy munic from
everywhere, or you don't have to pay CD-taxes and are not alowed to copy
unlicensed media, but to pay taxes and not to be alowed to copy media is

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