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DJ Lucas dj_me at
Wed Feb 26 00:57:40 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:
> Hi.
> please excuse posting this to .support as well, and please followup to
> I am trying to guage interest in a hypothetical laptop.
> The specs would be (something like) ARM9/10/11 or XScale, clocked
> between 400MHz and 1.2GHz. there would be a decent (15-17", 1024x768
> min) TFT LCD screen, and it would take commodity PC laptop
> accessories, eg. RAM, HDD.
> Battery life would be expected to be approximately 20 hours.
> SO...
> anyone who would be interested, please speak up, but BE SPECIFIC.
> If you are interested 'just because thats cool', then say so.

Honestly, I'm interested only in the coolness factor at the moment,
however if they did hit production, my mind might be able to sway my
pocketbook a bit. :-)

> If you would actually BUY one, say so and give an indication of what
> you would *REALISTICALLY* be able to pay for one (bear in mind it
> would be a SMALL production run compared to a M$ X86 laptop.
> If you know a whole hoard of people just gagging for one, let me know
> right away...

If I were to want one, I'd expect to pay around 1500 USD for the lesser
and up to around 2700 USD for the top end.  However, I only deal with
wintel pricing on a daily basis, I really wouldn't know where to assign
the typical price range for something like this.  Realistically, just as
a hobby machine for myself I'd drop that to 1000 and 1500 USD

> Assume the minimum spec to be:
> 600MHz XScale (ARM) CPU
> USB 1.1 (more likely 2)
> audio IN, OUT
> Harddisc
> PCMCIA slots
> Wadloads of flash (linux in flash)
> 1024x768 colour screen
> 15 Hour battery life
> Im *hoping* for, or perhaps as a later product...
> 1.2GHz ARM10/11
> USB 2
> firewire
> wadloads of flash
> 256-512MB DDR RAM
> 1600x1200 TFT
> all kinds of other neat-o IO stuff like video in, etc.
> 24 Hour battery life

While were at the whish list, why not add a couple of mini-PCI
connectors (internal) and some kind of standardized external interface
for them. ;-) (assuming my assumptions about what mini-PCI is are
correct)  BTW does anybody know anything about mini-PCI?  I ran across
it the other day when I had to replace a modem/nic combo in an EVO.
Never heard of it before then.  I'm only assuming this to be something
similar to the regular standardized PCI bus...but for laptops. :-$  Time
for me to google.

> All this, of course, running Linux and free software.

Of course!


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