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Tue Feb 25 23:49:13 PST 2003

Alas! R. Bosch spake thus:
> This would make LFS VERY secure since it was based on *YOUR* system,
> and not someone elses...

No, this would abolish LFS outright.

The idea is that you can only run software that has been digitally
signed by some certificate authority (almost certain to be MS

Thus, since you compiled LFS yourself, it isn't signed by MS, and your
hardware won't run it. Some distro might pay MS to sign their stuff, but
it won't be likely that they could afford to do so. 

So, you can kiss your compilers goodbye, because they'll most likely be
renamed to "those programs that turn ASCII text into useless chunks of
1s and 0s that don't do anything on my computer because it's a Palladium

> Then again that thing about Disney's and DRM *is* vague since the
> system you talk about is *ILLIGEGAL*.

Illigegal? Yikes. I wonder what happens to stuff that's ligegal ;)

> Because software-houses *need* to pay M$ or some other company to get
> the *hash*. Europe will most sertainly play a role in stopping illegal
> use of this feature bij big companies... It's too harmfull IMHO.

Just because something's harmful doesn't mean it necessarily can't or
won't exist... just look at software patents, for example. 

Palladium is just another scheme to make MS more money, but the scary
part is the way it really restricts your rights...

> In an article in Linux Magazine (dutch) there was talk about sertified
> compile farms to make Linux software *with* permission of the
> "Disney's"... Though it's limmited, I wouldn't mind the system, since
> EVERYONE can dig in and make software for Linux :-)

But everyone can already dig in and make software for Linux. In this new
system, we'd have to go through some organization that authorized a
compile farm for us. Sounds like a pain in the ass -- if I want to learn
C, I have to wait for some remote place to compile my "Hello, world!"
app just to see if it worked? No, thanks, I'd rather compile it myself.

Rob Park
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