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Tue Feb 25 23:39:56 PST 2003

Alas! R. Quenett spake thus:
> Again, not my fault that it's not your fault...<g>.  Being robbed, by 
> itself, confers no moral right whatsoever on you, except the right to 
> reclaim your property.  And of course to defend yourself from the act 
> in the first place.  <whisper>smuggle untaxed cd's, or even make your 
> own;-)/<whisper>. If someone steals your fridge, you have the moral right
> to snatch it back.  You do not have the moral right to go to the shop or the 
> factory and snatch any fridge at all off the floor simply because you 
> once had one of those and didn't give it up voluntarily.  

Actually, this whole 'I'm being taxed for something I don't do, so I'll
just do it anyway' reminds me of that movie, Double Jepoardy.

Basically, in US law, you can't be charged for the same crime twice (I
don't know if this is true, but assume that it's true for the sake of
argument). So this guy fakes his own death, and makes it look like his
wife killed him. She does some time in prison, while he's off enjoying
himself (it was some kind of scheme to get himself rich, but I don't
fully remember how it was supposed to work). So anyway, this woman's in
prison, and her husband is living the high life at her expense. She gets
out of prison, and her life is in shambles. She finds out that she can't
be charged twice, so she figures "I've already done the time for a crime
I didn't commit, so I might as well just commit the crime now." So she
murder's her husband. She can't be charged for it, because she's already
been convicted and sentenced for killing her husband...

So yeah. If they're going to charge me money for stealing music, then
they can consider that stolen music as paid for.

> Besides, that you get shafted might legitimately upset you; it
> doesn't, by itself, give you the moral right to shaft someone else.

No, it doesn't give you the right to shaft someone *else*, but the
person you're shafting (rich record execs) are the same people that are
shafting you.

I hope you don't think that this "cd tax" actually gets paid to the
artists, it just lines the pockets of the RIAA fatcats. If they're going
to steal my money, I'm going to steal their music. Simple.

Rob Park
Much of the excitement we get out of our work is that we don't really
know what we are doing.
		-- E. Dijkstra
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