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James Cozine jmcozine at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 25 17:32:18 PST 2003

d95-bli at nada.kth.se (Björn Lindberg) writes:

> Is Sawfish configured by lisp? How very interseting. 

A lisp dialect called rep.  (And there's scwm, which uses guile
scheme.)  It's very neat to edit your ~/.sawfishrc with emacs!

> Do you know if it is possible/reasonable to run Sawfish by itself?

I used to; in theory it's great at just managing windows ;) 1.2 is
*buggy* though.  Losing track of its fifo, the gtk bindings aren't the
best, etc.

> I've only heard it mentioned in combination with Gnome I think.

Because sawfish doesn't set the background or provide any desktop
icons and such.  Less of the window manager conflicts with
Gnome-provided functionality.  (Of course they're using metacity

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