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Tue Feb 25 16:49:44 PST 2003

On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 00:42:06 +0000 (UTC)
qcal at ("R. Quenett") wrote:

> Not MY fault if it's not YOUR fault<g>...  Getting held up in the 
> alley behind the shop STILL doesn't, by itself, give you the -moral- 
> right to take merchandise out the door.

No, but then, I dont know any shops that charge me to come in, based on
the principal that I 'look like I might nick summat'.

> Again, not my fault that it's not your fault...<g>.  Being robbed, by 
> itself, confers no moral right whatsoever on you, except the right to 
> reclaim your property.

If I buy CDs and burn data onto them instead of music, I have arguably
been robbed by the recording industry...

> And of course to defend yourself from the act 
> in the first place.  <whisper>smuggle untaxed cd's, or even make your 
> own;-)/<whisper>.


> If someone steals your fridge, you have the moral
> right to snatch it back.  You do not have the moral right to go to the
> shop or the factory and snatch any fridge at all off the floor simply
> because you once had one of those and didn't give it up voluntarily.  

I damn well do if the factory owner was the bastard that took it from
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