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> Just to back Ian up a little, It is the same as Car insurance, I have
> to pay an arm and a leg for my insurance because "other" 23 year old
> white strait men tend to drive to fast and crash, so why bother to
> drive slow and take care when I am being screwed for the insurance
> anyway. If you drive without insurance because it is to expensive, you
> get points and a fine. Then the insurance costs more.

No, thats not the same. you pay insurance to

1) protect other road users from your errors
2) to protect yourself from your errors.

ie. in cars, the person who is at fault should pay the lions share of
the damage (negotiated by the insurance comanies).

this isnt the same as CD 'music' tax, where you are paying for other
peoples actions, wether you are involved with those people or not.
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