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On Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:51:48 +0200  Mister Silviu just wrote the

> Once the majority of PCs on the market are TCPA-enabled, the GPL won't
> work as intended. The benefit for Microsoft is not that this will
> destroy free software directly. The point is this: once people realise
> that even GPL'led software can be hijacked for commercial purposes,
> idealistic young programmers will be much less motivated to write free
> software.

There was an Q/A at slashdot with a programmer about the use of
opensource with tcpa... As I percived it (or mislead) one can use the
tcpa to lock your maichine, so no-one can run code at your PC that's not
wanted... (think virusses). This would make LFS VERY secure since it was
based on *YOUR* system, and not someone elses...
Then again that thing about Disney's and DRM *is* vague since the system
you talk about is *ILLIGEGAL*. Because software-houses *need* to pay M$
or some other company to get the *hash*. Europe will most sertainly play
a role in stopping illegal use of this feature bij big companies... It's
too harmfull IMHO.

In an article in Linux Magazine (dutch) there was talk about sertified
compile farms to make Linux software *with* permission of the
"Disney's"... Though it's limmited, I wouldn't mind the system, since
EVERYONE can dig in and make software for Linux :-)

In total, the facts are cloudy at best, and we'll know for sure when
it's too late :-(



Open(source) your mind, and see real freedom!
Close(dsource) your mind and be in a prison.

Just my €0.02
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