Project Management

Justin Knierim jrknierim at
Tue Feb 25 10:56:24 PST 2003

Im Auftrag von Daryn Neadow
> - Web based solution
> - calendars both per usr and per project
> - projects need to support task/assignments
> - personal tasks list
> - email of updates/reminders
> So far i've looked at:
> PHProjekt
> Achievo
> IPM (Incyte Project Manager)
> Copper 2003

I do not know if it will suit all your needs, but SUSE has a
OpenExchange server, which can mimic some of the functions of an
Exchange Mail Server (and MUCH faster), but also has a web interface
with sections for projects, a location to store project files, a
calendar function per user or per whoever you sign up for it, contacts
and all kinds of goodies.  The last company I worked at used it, and I
liked it.  I do not know if it is free solution, but is worth a look.

  Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

  Justin Knierim

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