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Tue Feb 25 10:57:10 PST 2003

mutilated misquotes 
from Ian Molton's 25 Feb 2003 classic prose
may follow:

" On Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:27:36 +0200
" "Silviu Julean" <sjulean at> wrote:
" > for some people it may seem *moral* to
" > watch/listen to illegal copies now, and it wouldn't in the absence of
" > nowadays' let's-make-raw-profit system.
" Indeed.
" For example, I pay a tax to the music industry on ALL my blank CDs,
" because they ASSUME I will use them for piracy.
" Since I have payed my 'fine' for the evil act, I feel justified in
" actually comitting it.
" so, for every blank CD I buy, I am entitled to 12 tracks of audio.
" I challenge anyone to find a flaw in that logic...

Obvious, my dear watson.  Among other things, you are assuming that 
the tax is being collected and will be used for the purpose stated.  


It's a similar flaw to say that because one pays tax on gasoline 
(petrol, whatever;) that one is paying for the roads and is therefore 
morally entitled to use them.

Actually, there may well be other flaws as well.  Among them, it's 
the _artist_ who produces the work, not the industry.  From what I've 
read, the mechanism for the getting the 'tax' to the artist is more 
than a little flawed, never mind that the artist might not have 
wanted that price and terms be dictated to both buyer and seller by 
some (self-styled watchdog) third party.


"Fix reason firmly in her seat and call to her tribunal every fact,
every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God;
because, if there is one, he must more approve of the homage of 
reason, than that of blindfolded fear."  --Thomas Jefferson
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