Silviu Julean sjulean at
Tue Feb 25 09:27:36 PST 2003

> Q: But what if they try to stop me?
> A: While profiteers have always stood in the way of what is right,
> reasonable, and good, in the name of profit, they will eventually
> be pushed out of the way.
Isn't that a little utopic?

> Q: How about watching movies I haven't bought?
> A: There is no justification for this illegal activity.
I *do* watch movies and listen to music I haven't bought. However,
everything I like is in my CD or DVD stack that is labeled "Licensed".
I admit it - I hate trailers. Yet, if that would be what everybody did, the
productivity would *increase* - for some people it may seem *moral* to
watch/listen to illegal copies now, and it wouldn't in the absence of
nowadays' let's-make-raw-profit system. They think "The system is using me
like I was a number, so why should I care about it?". State *that* in

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