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Mon Feb 24 05:02:01 PST 2003

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Rob Park wrote:

> Alas! Miguel Bazdresch spake thus:
> > And we were poor but we knew how to spell it ;)  And notice I said
> > *knew*, I got it wrong above: it's Van der Graaf.
> <quick google search>
> Hmmm, so it is. All of my teachers have always spelled it Van de Graf...
> I wonder what other things I've learned have been a LIE! ;)
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Most probably everything! :-)
AFAIK most physic Profesors "just" try to find more complex lies which are
able to descibe what you call reality ...

I think I was in class 1 as I first realized that what teacher tells you
are not always true :-) but it took ages for me to realize that it is not
always their fault, but just a better way to make children/young-adults
follow the class ...

I am ararid ... no I know I was sometimes a horror to my teacher.

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