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Sun Feb 23 13:02:40 PST 2003

"Miguel Bazdresch" <miguel at> wrote in message
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> * Rob Park <rbpark-NOSPAM at> [03-0223 13:03]:
> > Alas! Miguel Bazdresch spake thus:
> > > We did that bit too. The high school lab had a small Van de Graff
with a
> > > handle (lever?) that you had to turn to make the brushes inside
> > > Always according to the prof, if you kept at it long enough, it
> > > build more than 100KV.
> >
> > Wow, that must have been a poor school. I thought I went to a crappy
> > underfunded school, and we even had a motorized vandegraf ;)
> Well yeah, I don't come from the richest part of the world. The
> part is, my high school was one of the better ones in my country.

I come from one of the "supposedly" richer nations of the world, and we
too only had a wind up Van De Graff generator.  There's more important
things for Britain to be spending its money on rather than education
apparently - e.g. holidays for the PM, and two Jaguars for the Transport
secretary (who is supposed to be trying to persuade us to adopt public
transport - if he actually gave it a try for any length of time he'd
know why we don't bother).


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