Could you stop the AC bashing, please!

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Sun Feb 23 12:50:24 PST 2003

I felt no need to post the rest of what was said in dev.  Matthias,
please re-read the intro to pure_lfs.txt.  You'll see that Greg had no
intent to down Alan Cox.  Quite the contrary, as I see it.  The comment
Alan made on the LKML was, IMO, to be directed at end users who
obviously didn't follow the book to the letter.  The mass majority of us
do not have the little issues that pop on his lists anyways.  But that
comment did prompt Ryan to take a closer look at the little issues
surrounding our core toolchain.  Greg's intro does nothing to insult
Alan but, perhaps, not giving a thanks for pointing out the problems.
Given the context of the message that Alan wrote, I don't see where
thanks is necessarely due, at least not on our build method (his work on
the kernel is a much different story).  At anyrate, please re-read the
intro and take notice that Greg had mentioned that he took Alan's
comments and made the hint from his suggestion (constructive, not

If it pleases you, I'll replace "Alan Cox" with "un-named kernel
developer" on all future corespondance on this list. ;-)   (Please
smile, it was intended to be a joke!)

Greg!  I can't believe you responded at all, much less on dev.  Poking
the way you did at Matthias was just wrong IMO, as was his posting that
message at all to dev.  The hint looks great thus far.  Big thanks to
Ryan and yourself for putting it all together.  In light of this thread,
perhaps a bit of clarification on what was said on that "un-named kernel
developer's" mail would be in order, and that it was written to conform
to his idea of "pure".

Okay..said my bit.  Of course, all IMHO.

Thanks for listening,


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