Where to put Linux kernel source tree

Florian Teply root at localhost.localdomain
Sun Feb 23 11:02:43 PST 2003

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Eric Miller wrote:

> > that it shall not go into /usr/src/linux, but
> Florian...I don't doubt that the book says this
> somewhere, but where *exactly* does it say this?  
Okay, it's obviously not good sitting on the machine fornearly 26 hours 
now ;-)) In chapter 6, installing basic system software, installing 
linux-2.4.19 is stated that according to a post by Linus Torvalds it is 
BAD practice to symlink /usr/src/linux to /usr/include/linux, they are 
copied instead. Next time i should READ twice before asking silly 
questions. And please remember me to replace this buggy device /dev/brain 
> I know that at the beginning of chapter 6, we move the 
> clean source tarballs to somehwere (recommends
> /usr/src, which is what Im sure most folks use)
> Then, as I recall, the rest of the build goes on frm
> there with all sources in /usr/src (inside chroot)
> > there's no hint i'm able to 
> > decipher stating where else the kernel source tree
> > should be.
> Anyways, it doesnt matter where you put the sources. 
> You can put them anywhere you want.  All that matters
> is that:
> - The bzImage that you build in
> /wherever/whatever/..../arch/i386/boot/bzImage gets
> copied to /boot as lfskernel
Clearly it should, i'm not compiling a kernel to fill up disk space ;-)
> - If you do put the sources somewhere wierd, create a
> symlink from /usr/src/linux >>
> /wherever/your/kernel/sources/are
As stated above, this is referred to as BAD practice, i'll copy it...
> HTH!
Thanks for help...
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