*sigh* (was: Re: pcre-4.0 has been released)

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at eos.sunderland.ac.uk
Sun Feb 23 08:51:42 PST 2003

"Richard A Downing" <richard.downing at bcs.org.uk> wrote in message
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> Matthew Burgess wrote:
> >
> > "Richard A Downing" <richard.downing at bcs.org.uk> wrote in message
> > news:b3akkk$e3s$1 at quasar.highos.com...
> > Ouch...I still class myself as a newbie in many areas but I do
> > read the relevant documentation and the FAQs that it may point me to
> > before requesting help.  This is what I regard a fundamental part of
> > netiquette.  What frustrates me is when it is *obvious* that someone
> > hasn't even bothered reading any of the documents and is quite
> > asking question after question in the hope that someone can
> > them all the way.  Others may have the time and the inclination to
> > people in this way, but I certainly don't.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Matt.
> I agree with your words here. And I'm far from perfect myself, in this
> regard and others.  I just lost my rag at the superiority expressed in
> thread earlier, you just said the bit I wanted to quote, thanks!

The superiority was never intended - sorry if I came across that

> I now have a policy of NOT answering newbies on the mailing lists with
> anything other than: 'Read this: ...', unless I don't know myself, and
> I lurk and learn.  Sometimes the question shows up something really
> interesting.  I recommend this policy.

I've often thought about adopting this policy myself - sometimes (some
might say most of the time!) I find myself answering questions that I
don't know the definite answer for.  However, my thinking now is "every
little bit helps" - as long as I don't point someone in completely the
wrong direction then I class my responses as helpful (albeit only a
small amount).  At least this gets folks on their way, and hopefully
gets them to think "oh right, maybe if I read up on that then I'll know
what's going on".  If their responses (or previous postings) suggest
they've done nothing to help themselves then a quick pointer to the FAQ
(sometimes with a direct link if I can be bothered or can remember it)
and other resources is all they'll get.

As for the lurking, I'd class myself a master of that particular art :)
I've not actually built an LFS system for about 12 months now, and not
touched Linux in anger in about 6 (due to uni requirements for
everything to be produced in some proprietary Microsoft format).  I
still like to keep abreast of the developments of the LFS project and to
pick up on common problems/solutions so as when I finally get out of
this MS environment I'm better equipped to deal with issues myself.


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