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Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Fri Feb 21 07:53:31 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote on 21 February 2003 15:55
>Good to hear. Im considering a mini ITX box for my next main machine
>purchase, although it'll have to be an Athlon one with an AGP slot, not
>a VIA.

Do they do mini-ITX Athlon boards? Or do you mean the Shuttle like systems?

>> The fan on this PSU is HUGE! I'm yet to turn it on but it looks noisy!

>Bigger is BETTER. they spin slower.
>Its the small ones that scream.

I have now run Knoppix (with KDE 3.1) on it. Everything was detected first
time and considering it was running from the cdrom, it was pretty fast.
I can confirm that the fan is far from silent :( It's quite noisy, less
so than a normal PSU but still audible. Maybe after its been run a while
the fan will 'break in' and be a little more quite? Wishful thinking!

But ... very impressed with the whole mini-ITX thing. All the guys in the 
office are drooling and a couple have even broke out their credit cards to 
order their own :)

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