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Fri Feb 21 06:02:18 PST 2003

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003 14:27:49 +0100
Stefan Krah <sfk1 at> wrote:

> So how real is the threat? This article says it is "quite safe" for
> low wattage fans:

IMHO, I wouldnt risk it, unless they will *personally garauntee* that it
wont fry your system if something fails.

and even then, theres the noise insertion issue...

FAR better would be to buy a cheap (like, 20p) voltage regulator IC.

There are two types - passive, and active. passive ones simply dissipate
the unwanted power, wheras active ones use PWM techniques and are more

Better still, use a motor speed control IC - these pulse power (the full
12V) on the fan with differeing duty cycles, and will allow you to
reduce speed without reducing torque (so the fan wont clog so badly).

All these options are cheap if you can manage some VERY basic soldering,
and will be FAR better than the 5-12V bridge.
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