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Stefan Krah sfk1 at
Fri Feb 21 05:27:49 PST 2003

* Ian Molton <spyro at> wrote:
> Its the Potential Difference (PD) that they care about, so the PD
> between the 12 and 5V lines is 7V.
> however, the 5V line is NOT designed to sink current, so failure of the
> fan could short the 5 and 12V lines, and, without the CPUs protection
> being able to help, you could end up with a 5V line at 12V and a LOT of
> very fried hardware.

Darn! My @%*&$!% Thermaltake Fan Speed Control just went up into smoke
(literally) and I planned to buy an adapter cable for using fans between
5 and 12V. They sell those in the shop without warnings.

So how real is the threat? This article says it is "quite safe" for low
wattage fans:

Stefan Krah
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