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Fri Feb 21 05:26:21 PST 2003

>however, electronics doesnt care what the 0V line actually is. you could
>run a mobo off +100, +103.3, +105, +112, +95, +88 and it wouldnt care
>(dont, though, as any other devices (eg. monitor) would need similar
>supplies, and youd probably kill yourself if you touch the caseing).

Let's think about this.  Voltage doesn't kill, current kills.  Current
is what causes heart arrhythmia (i.e. dead).

Current of about 100mA stops breathing, 300mA will stop the heart.
Total skin resistance dry is about 1.5kOhm.  Let's assume it takes 
several minutes for a person to die when their breathing or heart stops.

If we assume a 60Wpeak power supply, at 100V, it can provide a peak current
of 60W/100V = 600mA.

Since (Current provided) > (Current to kill you) there is a good
change you will die.  Curiously, how much voltage would there be
for you to survive this power supply?  Let's assume you are able
to touch the case, then let go withing enough time to resume breathing.

60W/100mA = 600V

So, any voltage potential 600V above your ground level, you might
survive.  Now let's assume you have paramedics living next door, and
a hot girlfriend who wants to save your life, in the room with you.
Then you can handle heart-stopping current.  Again assuming a 60W
peak power supply:

60W/300mA = 200V

Ah, if we just double the voltage from your reference level, there's
a chance you could live.

This is very exciting news indeed!
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