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Fri Feb 21 04:17:57 PST 2003

Ian Molton <spyro at> writes:

> On 21 Feb 2003 12:10:19 +0100
> d95-bli at (Björn Lindberg) wrote:
> > 60W? Really? How come a box like that can get by on only 60W when the
> > generic desktop cases come with 300W PSUs these days?
> they use less power. er. ;-)

Yes. :-) But how would I know how much a 60W PSU can support? Can it
support a CPU, HD & DVD for example?

> > > Sadly, disconnecting the fan isnt an option - I tried, it overheated
> > > after half an hour (well, OK, *IT* didnt overheat, but I got
> > > nervous...)
> > 
> > Thank you for sharing the info. I have been drooling over those nice
> > small cases on As soon as I get some money I'd like to get
> > one to use as 24h server box, but then it has to be really quite.
> Well,. with the fan off, the box was REALLY REALLY quiet. only HDD
> noise, which would have been less with a modern HDD. I'd recommend
> something at 5400RPM, with fluid dynamic bearings.

I missed which exact case did you get? The Chyang Fun 7989 mini-ITX on
linitx looks really nice, but it has a 150W PSU. Too bad they don't
mention the dimensions of it. :-(

> > > I dont like the 7V across 12 and 5 option that many cowboys favour,
> > > so Im stuck.
> > 
> > Care to explain? I don't know anything about these things.
> Fans spin slower when you apply a lower voltage.
> however, electronics doesnt care what the 0V line actually is. you could
> run a mobo off +100, +103.3, +105, +112, +95, +88 and it wouldnt care
> (dont, though, as any other devices (eg. monitor) would need similar
> supplies, and youd probably kill yourself if you touch the caseing).
> Its the Potential Difference (PD) that they care about, so the PD
> between the 12 and 5V lines is 7V.

Ok, so they run the fan between 12 and 5V instead of 12 and ground?


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