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torsten torsten at
Fri Feb 21 04:14:28 PST 2003

>60W? Really? How come a box like that can get by on only 60W when the
>generic desktop cases come with 300W PSUs these days?

7200rpm/40GB Hard Drive: 6.8W/12.9W idle/seek  
C3 800Mhz: 6.65W/12W typical/max 
Epia CPU Fan: 1.2W 
Epia MB: 10W Max
dvd/cdrw est: 4.75W/22.5W  Avg/Max

Totals: 30W/58W Avg/Max

Usually it is good to have the power supply provide a max power
rating of twice your average.  So, 60W works for the 800Mhz C3.


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