It works...

Ian Molton spyro at
Thu Feb 20 19:01:02 PST 2003

Well, I've successfully bootstrapped LFS on my VIA C3 (M5000)

Its a complete by-the-CD install, except as usual, I used devfs (sorry
Dagmar ;-)

Seems to work fine.

I ***wish*** I had gone for the silent 60W PSU case though. the fan in
this one is driving me nutso, and Im sure it doesnt need a 150W PSU...

Sadly, disconnecting the fan isnt an option - I tried, it overheated
after half an hour (well, OK, *IT* didnt overheat, but I got nervous...)

I dont like the 7V across 12 and 5 option that many cowboys favour, so
Im stuck.

Anyone want to buy a 150W 1U PSU?


I think I found someone who will take the M5000 motherboard off my
hands, too (they dont need video-out). sw33t. Once they say yes, I'll
order a nice M6000.

Im not *entirely* convinced the LFS it has right now is *coimpletely*
pure. I think it could use another one, but that can wait until I get
the M6000.

On a side note, I may soon have an interesting business building custom
'industrial' cases for M5000 mobos. pretty sweet, huh?
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