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Rainer Peter Feller rainer at
Thu Feb 20 03:15:36 PST 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Florian teply wrote:

> That´s a way we should solve this problem... Everybody who insists on
> windoze shall stay away from me from now on, otherwise write down your
> will, and don´t forget to spend all your belongings to the
> Linux/BSD/OpenSource-community ;-))

Gread idea!

> BTW: What the hell are you doing with 48 Bottles of Met? I presume this
> would are Bottles of .75 litres each... Or for the american people among
> us: i´m talking about several gallons of honey wine...
> Florian

*HICK* wadayasay? *Brulps*

hm ... probaby I could take a bath?

But most probably I am going to drink them ;-) (not alone!)

I order them once or twice a year since my local met-dealer removed his
shop and fired his workers :-(
This is also less expensive :-) and is much faster :-)) If it isn't the
boss of the met producing company takes my order. He tends to hm ...
forget, maybe he just don't want tho hack the order into his win&*#@ box
:-))), may be I should send him a cd of my best disto. LOL

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