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Florian teply onlinefloh at
Wed Feb 19 12:48:48 PST 2003

Ian Molton wrote:
> On Sun, 09 Feb 2003 10:33:14 +0000
> Richard A Downing <richard.downing at> wrote:
>>The government has gone metric, and they hang shop keepers who don't
>>use metric, but we still use Feet and Inches like all true and
>>sensible poeople everwhere.  Unfortunately the Thought Police have
>>insisted that children are only taught metric, so this ancient way of
>>life is dieing out.
>>We still have Miles, Pints and Furlongs though.
>>It's not that were stubborn, just right.
> Nah. base-12 units are a nice idea, but not very practical for real
> uses.
> metrics better.
All right Ian, as long as we got ten fingers...
And let´s hope beings from outert space have the same amount, too ;-))
But as i remember my grandparents never used any other measurement than 
dozens, schock, gros and klafter (for schock, gros and klafter i haven´t 
found an english word in my ***** dictionary...)
And i really start to love watching shop assistants thinking about how 
much i want to buy when ordering a pound of meat ;-)) BTW: in german 
pound means just half a kilo...

Greetings Florian

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