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Wed Feb 19 09:30:30 PST 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:17:30 -0000
"Matthew Burgess" <ca9mbu at> wrote:

> > (quite why no-one has produced a 1600x1200 one with a 1.2GHz ARM11
> > from Samsung, I dont know. with a battery life measured in **DAYS**,
> > it'd be a sure seller, IMHO.)
> Fancy starting a business?

Im game if you are. (seriously). I am **SEVERLY** tempted to do this
thang. I know at LEAST two companies (one in manufacturing (ARM stuff
specifically) and one selling *low power* linux and miniITX boards) that
would be interested.

feel like making a go of it? (quite HOW I have no idea).

> > > if there is such a thing it's likely to be more expensive than
> > > run-of-the-mill laptops - the whole supply vs. demand thing?
> >
> > Sadly.
> Just one more thought that occured to me - where is it you find all
> your stuff lying on the road...


> I mean you're in Northwich right -
> hardly a place I'd think of that would have lots of people kicking out
> the type of stuff you find.

Sadly, true. since moving from Basildon, I havent had a good haul in

> Winsford might be a better bet - being
> the overspill for Liverpool and all - can't keep anything longer than
> two seconds there unless it's chained down and protected by
> Rottweillers and a couple of tonnes of cemtex! :)

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