EPIA - first impressions...

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Wed Feb 19 07:21:58 PST 2003


My VIA EPIA arrived today...

First impressions are:

1) The PSU fan is a screamer. it has to go.
2) The Composite video output is *SHIT*. the picture isnt linear, its
blurred, and the colour and chroma dont line up well at all.
3) VIAs idea of 'cool running' required some re-jigging of my idea of
what 'cool' means.
4) The case is REALLY cheap. buyer beware. it might have been worth a
couple of pennies extra on that part, esp. as the more expensive cases
purport to not need a fan in their PSU...

Well, I dunno. Im not thrilled yet.

I'm going to find out what the S-Video output looks like. if thats OK,
then fine. If not, I think I'll send it back and perhaps try [one of]
its bigger brother[s].

It does seem to be stable (a quick (laugh) install of XP whilst I waited
for chris' CD to download) indicates that.

I havent tried the LAN or USB yet.
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